Crisis & Violence Prevention

The Safe2Tell Program, first created in 2004, is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization based on the Colorado Prevention Initiative for School Safety with initial funding from The Colorado Trust. The primary purpose of the Safe2Tell Program is to provide students and the community with the means to relay information anonymously concerning unsafe, potentially harmful, dangerous, violent, or criminal activities, or the threat of these activities, to appropriate law enforcement and public safety agencies and school officials.

This Act requires schools and charter schools to have a written medical emergency response plan to reduce the incidence of life-threatening emergencies and promote efficient responses to such emergencies.

As a former social studies teacher who spent seven years in the classroom, I was fortunate never to face an explosive situation. I was never threatened by a student or parent. I never witnessed a student fight that I wasn’t able to deflate. I suspect that’s more than many teachers with similar experience can say. I feel a sense of relief that I never encountered the kind of personal threats that I have recently read about on an all-too regular basis in news articles.

In the wake of campus violence, such as the mass killings at Virginia Tech in 2007, universities are grappling with how to identify students with mental illness and treat them. Doing so can also involve students' privacy rights.