On May 20, at the 2010 Economic Summit of the States, attendees heard a presentation by Marcia Nielson of the University of Kansas Medical Center on federal health care reform.

Dr. Nielsen is the Vice Chancellor for Public Policy & Planning, Associate Professor, at the Department of Health Policy and Management at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

On May 20, at the CSG 2010 Economic Summit of the States, Jennifer Tolbert, Associate Director, Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, made a presentation on federal health care reform and its implications on the states.

As the national economy warily recovers from the Great Recession, state finances continue to face monumental challenges in grappling with the sharpest drop in tax receipts in decades.  And, even after slashing their budgets substantially in fiscal year 2009, states are staring at new mid-year gaps that have opened up in the current fiscal year (2010) with more gaps forecasted for fiscal years 2011 and 2012.  While none of this is new information, what makes the state fiscal outlook quite daunting is that the current revenue shortfalls and huge budget gaps masks a number of enormous fiscal challenges looming in such areas as healthcare, education, public pensions, emergency management,  infrastructure, transportation and unemployment insurance.  States will have to contend with these significant challenges once the current crisis abates.

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This presentation was given by Sujit M. CanagaRetna, Senior Fiscal Analyst at the SLC, at the 2009 Spring Conference of The Council of State Governments' Executive Committee in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, May 18, 2009.