This presentation explores why it is imperative to slow the growth in spending of Medicaid and other state health programs and why it is so hard to do so. Examples of approaches states have tried and which are the most promising are provided.

Wisconsin, like almost every state, faced a large Medicaid deficit in 2008. This presentation is about the new approach the state adopted to change the nature of the dialogue between the state administration and key stakeholders to find savings and meaningful reforms. Now in its third year, Wisconsin’s ForwardHealth Rate Reform Initiative seeks continuous program improvement.

Below is a PowerPoint presentation by Chris Whatley, Director of the CSG Washington, D.C. office, on the 2010 Midterm elections.

  State Elections 2010: Budgets and Boundaries


This presentation on state fiscal issues covers five broad areas.   Part I highlights the fiscal position of states in the aftermath of the Great Recession while Part II highlights some state strategies to balance budgets and generate revenue.  Part III identifies several structural flaws in state tax systems that will continue to plague state finances going forward while Part IV explores some of the major expenditure categories looming on the state fiscal horizon.  Finally, Part V hones in on some of the “green shoots of growth” and the promising economic development projects that will contribute toward reviving state economies.