BOS 2012


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 » State Constitutions

Chapter 2 » Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

Chapter 3 » State Legislative Branch

Chapter 4 » State Executive Branch

Chapter 5 » State Judicial Branch

Chapter 6 » Elections

Chapter 7 » State Finance

Chapter 8 » State Management and Administration

Chapter 9 » Selected State Policies and Programs

Chapter 10 » State Pages

Ohio began its statehood with a constitution of slightly more than 6,000 words. Today, its constitution is almost 54,000 words, more than 9,000 of which are in sections that are collecting dust”, and is growing at an exponential rate. If Ohio stays true to its current course, by 2050 it will have a constitution around 71,500 words long.

Several of the 26 amendments on the 2011 ballot attracted significant attention, including an unsuccessful Mississippi personhood amendment and a successful Ohio amendment exempting residents from health insurance mandates. Voters also considered high-profile amendments regarding voter identification, eminent domain and sports betting. Additionally, the Alabama and Ohio legislatures established constitutional revision commissions charged with reviewing and recommending changes to these state constitutions.