BOS 2010

Book of the States 2010: Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: State Constitutions

Chapter 2: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

Chapter 3: State Legislative Branch

Chapter 4: State Executive Branch

Chapter 5: State Judicial Branch

Chapter 6: Elections

Chapter 7: State Finance

Chapter 8: State Management, Administration, and Demographics

Chapter 9: Selected State Policies and Programs

Chapter 10: State Pages


Governors still remain in the forefront of activity moving into the 21st century. While the governorship was not the stepping stone to the presidency for President Barack Obama as it was for our two previous presidents, Democratic Gov. Bill Clinton from Arkansas (1993-2001) and Republican Gov. George W. Bush from Texas (2001-2009), the governors are in the middle of the problems facing our country’s weak economy. The demands on governors to propose state budgets and then keep them in balance in recent recessions have increased greatly during the current recession or depression in over the last half century. Proposed and adopted budgets have fallen victim to severe revenue shortfalls in almost every state, which  has put severe limits on the states to address the many growing needs of people trying to live through these tough times. And politically, this has begun to lead to some political fallout from unhappy voters on election days as they vent their anger and frustration on elected leaders.