Capitol Comments

In the late 1990s, creative physicians dissatisfied with the status quo decided to opt out of the insurance-based medical system, to invent another way to care for their patients, in Seattle, Washington and Fort Myers, Florida. This movement came to be known as Direct, Concierge, Boutique or Private medicine.

In a direct health care practice, a health care provider charges a patient a set fee for all primary care services provided in their office, regardless of the number of visits. Patients pay a monthly fee. No insurance...

Have you ever fumbled in your glove compartment, wallet or purse for your proof of insurance card at a traffic stop? Some states are making it possible, by legislation or regulation, for people to provide their proof of insurance electronically.

In an age when people tweet and post on Facebook or other social media their every thought, feeling or observation, or check Wikipedia, fulfilling civic responsibility and following the judge’s admonition not to discuss or research a case while serving on a jury can be a challenge.

Zappers, or automated sales suppression devices, have brought unheard of efficiencies and economies of scale to a very simple tax fraud - skimming cash sales at point of sale (POS) terminals (electronic cash registers).  

As students head to college campuses around the nation, many have taken out loans to pay for their education. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates that the student loan debt load nationwide reached more than $1 trillion earlier this year.