Capitol Comments

At the recently concluded National Conference held in Kansas City, Missouri, the CSG Executive Committee approved ten policy resolutions on a wide range of topics, including transportation funding, domestic energy security, international trade and export promotion, obesity, unmanned aircraft systems, amendments to the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act, and tax exemptions for municipal bond interest. 

CSG is pleased to announce that the entire archive of The Book of the States dating back to 1935 is now available online in its entirety.  As the introduction to the 1937 volume explains, "The Council of State Governments hopes that you will enjoy it; the Council knows that it can be useful to you."

Today the Maryland House voted 82-56 to repeal the state's death penalty.  The measure, which is a top priority of Governor Martin O'Malley, was approved by the Senate last week. 

Supporters of the death penalty are expected to petition the bill to a referendum in the 2014 election.  Polls show that the death penalty is currently supported by a small majority of voters in the state. 

There are five men on death row in Maryland, and the legislation does not affect...

California voters sent mixed messages on two ballot measures related to criminal justice, passing a measure that modifies the state's harsh three-strikes law, while rejecting a measure to eliminate the state's seldom-used death penalty.

Yesterday, the issue of same-sex marriage was on the ballot in four states, and in all four, voters chose in favor of marriage equality.