Capitol Comments

Federal regulation of fish stocks outside of state waters has been a source of contention between the commercial fishing industry, recreational anglers, and environmental groups for a long time. A group of scientists, state regulators, and fishing interests are developing a new proposal to tailor the federal regulatory model under the Magnuson-Stevens Act to meet the different conditions in each individual state in the Gulf of Mexico.

Please join CSG for an upcoming webinar, "The U.S. Nuclear Industry A Year After Fukushima", on Tuesday, June 26th from 2-3PM EDT. Experts from the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) will update state policymakers on the steps the U.S. nuclear energy industry is taking to ensure safe operations to apply lessons learned from the tragic tsunami in Japan.

On June 19th, CSG's Eastern Regional Conference will host a webinar entitled, "Nuclear Safety in the Northeast" from 12 PM - 1 PM EDT. Presentations for the webinar will be made by Andrew Kadak, the Director of Nuclear Services at Exponent Engineering and Scientific Consulting and by David Lochbaum, the Director of the Nuclear Safety Program for the Union of Concerned Scientists. 

A new report issued by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) expresses significant electricity reliability concerns for California and Texas, which could potentially lead to blackout or brownout situations this summer if left unresolved.

Last Friday, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued a draft environmental impact statement for the McCoy Solar Energy Project which would encompass 7,700 acres of public land in Southern California. At least one environmental group is expressing concerns with the project and some renewable energy observers wonder if the project will face similar opposition by Tribes and other advocacy groups have raised about other projects in the desert because of impacts to endangered species and cultural sites.