Capitol Comments

Personal vehicle sharing is a practice by which people rent their cars to other people, or rent cars from other people, on a short term basis, usually by the hour, and usually through a service such as RelayRides, which matches car owners with car renters. The concept developed to help defray the cost of owning a car, help car owners make extra money, and enable people to use cars who do not want to own one. Personal vehicle sharing is a...

2012 CSG Innovations Award Winners!

Panels of state officials in the CSG regions convened this summer and chose two winners of a 2012 CSG Innovations Award from several outstanding finalists in their respective regions. These programs address archiving state records, corrections, economic development, forestry, mental health, military veterans, water, and welfare fraud. 

US military personnel are also family members, neighbors, friends, colleagues, and constituents. They face tough challenges at home and abroad. In recent years, many have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and returned home. Some have physical and mental issues which hinder readjusting to life in the US after military service. Some need counseling, or help with housing, education, or employment. Here are websites they can use to get help and examples of state efforts to provide such help.

            Members of the CSG Committee on Suggested State Legislation (SSL Committee) got a lot done in 2011 and 2012. This national, bipartisan group of state legislators and legislative staff met three times to complete work on the 2012 volume and to review bills for the 2013 edition. The Committee reviewed 299 bills. They selected 55 to complete the 2012 volume and 42 to publish as drafts in the 2013 volume. The 2012 edition is available at the CSG SSL...

The Kentucky Retirement System (KRS) notes “placement agents have been in the news in [Kentucky and] a few other states in recent years because they donated money to political campaigns in order to gain access to the retirement system in that state."