Capitol Comments

The Associated Press is reporting that West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin will appoint Carte Goodwin, his former general counsel, to the Senate seat previously held by the late Robert Byrd. 

According to a report released today by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), substance abuse treatment admissions for prescription pain relievers have increasd by 400 percent in the last decade.  

A new national strategy to combat HIV/AIDS released this week refocuses current efforts by several federal agencies, integrates Affordable Care Act programs, and provides targeted funding for community organizations.  

The National Center for Interstate Compacts, in conjunction with CSG’s Energy and Environment Task Force, will be convening two advisory committee meetings to explore the possibility of an interstate compact to govern interstate transmission line siting.  The first meeting of the advisory panel,  which will be comprised of state and federal officials, subject matter experts, interested stakeholders, and compact experts, will be hosted by Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Moeller’s Office July 29 and 30 at FERC headquarters in Washington, DC.  The meeting will be co-chaired by Representative Tom Sloan of Kansas and Representative Kim Koppelman of North Dakota.  For more information about the effort and about the National Center for Interstate Compacts please click here

In case you missed it, two news items in recent weeks may demonstrate the increasing desperation of state governments in trying to pay for transportation improvements.

The National Juvenile Justice Network, a coalition of juvenile justice advocates, has released a new report with recommendations for cost-effective strategies to improve juvenile justice systems in cash-strapped states.

This week, both the Washington Post and the New York Times have reported on the growing popularity of "spice," the generic term for a legal synthetic substitute for the active ingredient in marijuana.  Sold in many locations as packages of incense, the herbal mixture is coated with a chemical that causes some of the same effects of marijuana. 

After a year and half of hard work on the part of North Carolina Senator Jim Jacumin and many others, the Low-profit Limited Liability Corporation (L3C) legislation has passed the NC House of Representatives and has been presented to the Governor. The bill was part of the Endangered Manufacturing and Jobs Act.

CSG, along with NAST, NACO, NASACTNLC and USCM, has signed a letter calling for the Build America Bonds to be extended  Please read the letter below:



Council of State Governments
National Association of...

The New York Senate has made the possibility of starting a Low-profit Limited Liability Corporation (L3C) in New York a little brighter.